Beginning Permaculture – Ideas for Renters

Beginning Permaculture – Ideas for Renters:


Permaculture ideas for renters (like me) …

  • Think of your garden as a gift to future occupants.
  • Lots of plants grow well in pots and so you can move them when you move (plus you can move them around to make the most of seasonal conditions).
  • Planting fruit trees in the nature strip. Everyone gets the benefits plus you can come back to harvest even after you have moved on.
  • Think about moveable compost bins. I have two of the chicken wire bins they suggest and they work great – easy to open up to turn, plenty of air can get in, easy to move.
  • If you can keep chickens build a coop you can move.
  • You may need to import some ingredients to build soil fast for a vegetable garden.
  • Keep seeds and other plant material for future moves.
  • You can still harvest rainwater in a barrel. They note that old houses often have leaky gutters – so you don’t have to hack into the downpipe to collect water. (Definitely true of our place).
  • For good measure here is another article from PRI Australia: Rental Permaculture: How to Fill the Void.