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Handcrafted from Sarah Angelini on Vimeo.

“Mark Angelini is an ecological designer whose passion for all things natural shines through in all facets of his life. He is passionate about carving spoons from green wood, homesteading, natural building and many other crafts and trades. He is an inspiration to many looking to forge a lifestyle built on alternative principles.” -Sarah Angelini (Producer)

Roots to Fruits: Edible and Ecological Landscapes

“Roots to Fruits is a whole systems ecological design and edible landscaping firm that specializes in the planning and development of abundant, bio-diverse, and durable human habitats. We work with homeowners, businesses,and farmers to develop ecologically regenerative and economically viable landscapes that produce a bounty of yields in the forms of food, medicine, enjoyment, and much more. Our work optimizes the functional value of landscapes through multifaceted approaches such as windbreaks, water harvesting features, and soil building systems. Aside from design, consulting, implementation and maintenance we offer an array of educational services aimed to further the practice of ecological land-use, homesteading, and edible landscaping. We envision hundreds of working models for rural, suburban, and urban homesteads that form the basis of land-based local economies.”
-Mark Angelini and Trevor Newman

“Mark and Trevor have been invited to facilitated guest lectures in multiple University of Michigan courses: HONORS 135 and ARTDES 500. They are shining examples of how we can utilize permaculture across many disciplines. Being college aged men, both Trevor and Mark serve as excellent role models for undergraduate students to learn with and from.”-Madeline Dunn Class of 2014


Whole Systems Design 

Madeline Dunn, creator of the UM Permaculture Initiative, took her Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) at Whole Systems Design.  Whole Systems Design resides in Moretown, VT and offers the following services:

Regenerative design, resilient site development, permaculture design, reskilling courses.
Transition training, land, & infrastructure for the post peak oil age. Farm design.
Food systems development, water security, SHTF planning, preparedness.
Root cellar, greenhouse design, secure home design, Vermont relocation.
Resiliency planning & off-grid design. Vermont permaculture farm.

“Whole Systems Design is the real deal.  In my opinion, it is the best hands-on permaculture certification program available in this bioregion. My class learned first hand on a 10 year old permaculture farm and then half way through the 10 day course move to a brand new site and help develop designs for Ben Falk’s new permaculture project in Mooretown, VT.   We learned to sharpen knives, start fires without a flame, and make flour out of foraged acorns.  It was a 10 day experience that inoculated for me a lifetime with the need to live a regenerative lifestyle.  I left WSD energized to continue the old and start new projects at home. I highly recommend this program.” –Madeline Dunn Class of 2014


Jim Mcdonald- Herbalist

Jim is an herbalist who resides in Southeast Michigan. He teaches one day and weekend workshops as well as a 9 month herbal intensive. His website contains many useful resources including a master herbal index. Jim is a permaculturist in that he forages from the land in a reciprocal and regenerative manor. He teaches students about the benefits of and satisfaction in using bioregional earth medicine.

“Jim is an enthusiastic and humble learner as well as a phenomenal teacher.  His knowledge of plants is vast and he does an admirable  job conveying the information to students at all levels.” Madeline Dunn Class of 2014