Stamps School of Art and Design Natural Dye and Fibers Garden

Natural Dye and Fibers Garden at the Stamps School of Art and Design

            The concept for this garden was initiated by Madeline Dunn and Michael Petzak during their winter 2013 semester independent study with Mike Shriberg.  They both took Environment 391: Sustainability and the Campus and submitted deliverables at the end of the semester that included the ignition of satellite permaculture gardens to the UM Campus Farm on central and north campuses.  The concept of the Natural Dye and Fibers Permaculture Garden was taken up by a group of students in Joseph Trumpey’s Sustainable Food Systems Design course during the Fall 2013 semester.  Chelsea Noel and Sushmita Charlu researched natural dye and fibers compiling a list of temperate climate  plants that could be grown outside of the art school and used by students.


The Natural Dye and Fibers Garden Design and iPhone Application Created By Sushmita Charlu 

Final dye garden map

5. See Swatches_1

2.plant list

4.Find it_2

6. See swatches_2

7.See Swatches_3

Natural Dye and Fibers Garden Sample Plant Signs Created by Chelsea Noel