Use and Value Diversity

With diversity comes prolific regenerative action.

University of Michigan students know that when collaboration with students in multiple schools and departments takes place the chance of accomplishing a task increases exponentially. There are multiple opportunities to apply for funding as a U of M student organization or group of students. One commonality across applications includes the question of how many schools and departments are represented within the steering committee of the group applying for funds.
Project Funding Links:

  • Student Sustainability Initiative
  • Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund
  • Central Student Government
  • Rackham Graduate School

(Must be a graduate student to apply)

  • LSA Program in The Environment

(Must be a Program in The Environment Major or Minor to apply)“Diversity reduces vulnerability to a variety of threats and takes advantage of the unique nature of the environment in which it resides.

The remarkable adaptation of the spinebill and hummingbird to hover and sip nectar from long, narrow flowers with their spine-like beak symbolises the specialisation of form and function in nature. The proverb “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” reminds us that diversity offers insurance against the variations of our environment.” -Holmgren’s Permaculture Principles