Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

Society is like a forest of trees, utilizing and providing for the infinite.

With education comes responsibility: responsibility to act in a regenerative fashion, pushing the boundaries of sustainability.  University of Michigan students need to be taking the bus instead of driving to the grocery store or mall and borrow cameras, video recorders, and books from the libraries instead of purchasing our own.  By creating a sense of community around communication and educationally oriented objects, possibilities within idea sharing and creativity and endless. As students, we should be utilizing as many of the resources as possible here at the University of Michigan.

Chiwara Permaculture Library

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ISS Media Center

Rent cameras, film, and recording equipment for free



Rent books, magazines, newspapers, maps and more for free

Ann Arbor District Libraries


Bring a piece of mail that identifies your Ann Arbor address to any of the 6 locations in town to freely rent books, movies, and even art work!“Make the best use of nature’s abundance to reduce our consumptive behaviour and dependence on non-renewable resources.

The horse icon represents both a renewable service and renewable resource. It can be used to pull a cart, plough or log and it can even be eaten – a non consuming use is preferred over a consuming one. The proverb “let nature take it’s course” reminds us that control over nature through excessive resource use and high technology is not only expensive, but can have a negative effect on our environment.” -Holmgren’s Permaculture Principles