We The People…?

We the people should be able to decide who gets elected into office. Not the big businesses and money makers who fund their political campaigns. Access to media and commercial advertisements should be extended towards all parties not just the democrats and republicans. Candidates should make it clear who is supporting their fundraising efforts, because these “people” may be influencing the deci

sions made once elected into office. Barack Obama has been on a fundraising spree since before he was elected into office four years ago. Big coal companies, such as Massy, have spent over 1 billion dollars in the last decade on campaign fundraising for presidential elections in particular. In less than a decade, Massy racked up over 60,000 environmental violations, that of which they paid 1% of the charges for. Astonishingly, ONE week later they committed another 8,500 violations. One of the first things George W. Bush did when he got into office was to change two words on the clean water act that then made Mountain Top Coal mining legal after Nixon created this act along with the EPA to serve the people’s constitutional rights. Mountain top removal is a coal m

ining practice that is poisoning our water supplies all over the country. In a small town at the base of the Coal River Mountain in West Virginia, SIX people in one village died from brian tumors and the only thing these neighbors shared was a well. On average, one in 100,000 people are diagnosed and killed from brain tumors. Most mining operations have been laying off workers and replacing them with machines, which is not good for our people or the economy. Coal mining can be easily replaced with wind turbine strips which brings more money to the counties, more jobs to america and cleaner energy for all. What are we really paying our presidents for; and do they actually work for us?